Mobile Massage

Here at Buty Salon it is our wish to make life easier for our clients, not merely through the array of deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatments we offer, but by bringing our service directly to your door.

Imagine you have just touched down from a long haul flight, your energy is zapped by jet lag and you have an important meeting first thing in the morning.

Wouldn’t it be bliss to recharge your batteries with a mobile massage in the comfort of your hotel room? Or perhaps you are a busy mother with little time for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to sacrifice your regular facial? Thanks to our new mobile beauty therapy service, you no longer have to.

The benefits:

There are many benefits to having one of our therapists come to you. The ultimate in convenience, you no longer need to waste time or money traveling to appointments or face the potentially stressful hunt for a parking space. Mums no longer need to book a babysitter while stressed-out execs find they can now squeeze in some me time at the office during their lunch break and elderly and disabled customers can enjoy a service that mobility problems may have rendered unfeasible previously.

That is not all. Having a relaxing beauty treatment or massage at home also multiplies the feel-good effects. Clients feel more comfortable in their own surroundings, helping the de-stressing process to kick in more swiftly, while the fact that they don’t need to venture outside into the cold afterwards and can hop straight into bed means the body can truly capitalize on the restorative quality of the deep relaxation we offer.

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Unique Gifts For Women

Women claim that they are easy to buy for, men claim they never know what gift to get their woman. Well gentlemen, here’s a little tip from us; anything unusual, unique and interesting will usually go down a treat. We all love to have something different that will generate conversation (and envy) among our friends and house guests. This stunning Hurricane Lamp is a perfect example! They have a stone base which is sturdy yet decorative and the beautiful glass vase can be filled with either candles, flowers or something even more creative. They come in 3 sizes and start from just £35. Small Hurricane LampMedium Hurricane Lamp,Large Hurricane Lamp.

For an even more unique gift, take a look at this stunning Palm Tree Lamp. The unusual design is crafted from tobacco coloured metal and when lit provides an exotic ambiance in any room. It is perfect for someone whose home has a Caribbean style and would also not look out of place within a more traditional interior.

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Personalize a Memorial Service

If one of your loved ones has passed and you’re looking to make the memorial service / celebration of life a special one then we suggest some things you can do to remember your loved one.

  1. Name tags – Creating name tags for your guests come in handy especially when most of them will be elderly and it’ll be convenient for them when they can’t remember names.  Make sure the font is bold and large so that it can be read from afar as most people won’t know eachother.  You can either create your own stationary or get from a stationary store.  A great idea for the name tag is to include an area that asks; How I knew:  Sister/Brother/Met at Book Club.
  1. Memory table – This is another great idea for people attending the Memorials to remember the loved one who has passed.  Have the table near the entrance near the name tag table so that guests can look at the personal belongings while waiting to fill in a name tag.  The table can include personal things on it such as items they’ve knitted if they were into knitting, pictures of their live, etc. You can include any items from their hobbies such as photo’s, clippings, golf score cards, etc. This doesn’t cost anything but adds a really special element to the celebration of life!

For more ideas or to enquire on our Headstones & Memorials please visit our website.

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How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Part 1

Part 1

As engineered hardwood flooring is made up of several layers it is more dimensionally stable than solid flooring such as Solid American Black Walnut Flooring.  Engineered Hardwood Floors can be installed on above, or below grade floors some of these methods of installation include:

  • Can be nailed down – this can be nailed directly to the subfloor.
  • Can be affixed with adhesives, even directly to concrete.
  • Floating Method: This is a much simpler method of installing engineered hardwood flooring.  Planks are glued together and the entire floor “floats” over the subfloor.

We’re going to focus on the method of gluing the planks down.  Make sure you use an adhesive specific for the use of wooden flooring such as Bona R850 Wood Adhesive.

There are 2 methods when it comes to using an adhesive:

Wet Method: this is where the adhesive is “wet” when the planks are applied.  These are then applied as soon as the adhesive is down.

Dry Method: this is where the adhesive is applied, then allowed to “flash” or set.  The adhesive is left to set for a period of time before the planks are applied.

If installing the flooring is a bit much for you, we can assist in the installation of can offerengineered wooden floors Londonengineered wooden floors Manchesterengineered wooden floors Kensingtonengineered wooden floors Holland parkengineered wooden floors Notting Hill.

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Mobile Massage

Are you looking to reward or motivate your staff for the long hours they’ve dedicated towards your company?  Well why not treat them to a mobile treatment in office?

Buty Salon have Mobile Therapists who can come to your premises to offer a variety of Mobile Therapy’s.   We offer Mobile Therapy London, Mobile Therapy Hammersmith, Mobile Therapy Chiswick, Mobile Therapy Kensington, Mobile Therapy Holland Park, Mobile Therapy Notting Hill, Mobile Therapy Fulham, Mobile Therapy Chelsea and Mobile Therapy Putney.

If it’s a special treat you’re looking to spoil your staff with then you’ve come to the right place as we offer a variety of treatments such as Mobile Massage, Mobile Aromatherapy, Mobile Reflexology and Mobile Indian Head Massage.  We can either do the Mobile Treatment at their desk or on our portable bed in a conference/private room.

So contact us now to book a Mobile Therapist in your area.  We cover the following areas:

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Office Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning it’s important to have a team of cleaners who can work together to ensure that your offices are cleaned thoroughly!  There are several areas that need to be covered when it comes to office cleaning.  Examples of those areas are:

Restroom Cleaning

When cleaning the toilet all areas must be cleaned & not just the seat & bowl.

Clean all mirrors and stainless steel areas such as the faucets.  Special attention to the lower area of the mirror needs to be paid as this is the area that gets splashed with water.


All trash in the bin will be removed and only trash that is clearly marked will be removed.


Another vital area of office cleaning is mopping all floors.  We ensure to mop all open areas & corners.

We also offer Office Cleaning LondonOffice Cleaning HammersmithOffice Cleaning ChiswickOffice Cleaning KensingtonOffice Cleaning Holland ParkOffice Cleaning Notting HillOffice Cleaning FulhamOffice Cleaning PutneyOffice Cleaning Chelsea.

For those of you who are moving out of rental property and needing to see if we cover your area, we do:  End of tenancy cleaning LondonEnd of tenancy cleaning HammersmithEnd of tenancy cleaning ChiswickEnd of tenancy cleaning KensingtonEnd of tenancy cleaning Holland ParkEnd of tenancy cleaning Notting HillEnd of tenancy cleaning FulhamEnd of tenancy cleaning PutneyEnd of tenancy cleaning Chelsea.

So if you want to make sure that you get good office cleaning contact us now!

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Energy Management Services

Nearly six years on from becoming a spin-out company of The University of Glamorgan and RUMM Ltd continue to work very closely with the Faculty of Advanced Technology department to ensure that RUMM are effectively working on research and development.

RUMM currently have several PHD students working on various research projects:

Some of the other services we offer are:

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Unusual Gifts

Are you constantly searching for unique gifts to give your loved ones? Are you stuck for a gift for someone that already has everything? Browse our collection of unusual gifts where you find find a world of treasures that you have never seen before. ThisPear Shaped Storage Jar looks chic on a contemporary or traditional kitchen work surface. We also have a matching Apple Shaped Storage Jar and the two would make a perfect gift set.

For something even more unusual, take a look at the Hand Painted Cow Butter Dishes. As you can see they are strikingly colourful and provide a centrepiece for your breakfast table.

They come in a variety of different colours and patterns, you can browse the full collection of unusual Cow Butter Dishes here.

Other unusual gifts that we have include heart shaped teaspoons, a lemon slice shaped bar knife, a tablecloth that you can doodle on, an oriental teapot and a candle shaped like a wine bottle… The list goes on!

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Garden Lanterns

Enhance your garden’s ambiance with a collection of beautiful garden lanterns from The Travelling Souk. This gorgeous Retro Square Lantern is a favourite of ours. Its made of cotton so is long lasting, and folds down flat for easy storage over the winter. It looks stunning hanging from a tree, fence or parasol. It holds a small tea light candle like many of our other garden lanterns. We have a selection of metal tea light lanterns as well as some colourful glass tea light holders that will brighten up your BBQs.

If you are looking for larger garden lanterns for candles, then this Arabian Nights Large Outdoor Lantern might be for you. It is crafted from nickel and iron and has a beautiful cut out design in the top creating this distinctive arabesque look.

If you are after something a little more rustic, then a wooden lantern may be more your style. These interesting Shutter Lanternsare very unique and stylish and would make a unusual gift for your loved ones. They come in black and white and have a glass candle holder that fits inside. You can have the shutters as open or closed as you like, which is great when there is a slight breeze; just close the shutters slightly to protect your flame from mother nature.

Click here to browse Garden Lanterns from The Travelling Souk

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